Sunday, 25 of January of 2015

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This is always a work in progress.  Currently in the works:

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2014 St. Patrick’s Day Flight & Film Festival!  The 30th Annual VFRS St. Patrick’s Day Rallye!
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Check out the Belen Event web site for current news & schedules:  Celebrate Belen

Hot News Update:  ”Breaking Bad” Tour Van will be on our launch site!

Planning is well under way for the 2014 St. Patty’s Day Rallye, to be held Friday March 14th -Sunday March 16th, 2014 at Eagle Park in Belen.  (Weather permitting).  Propane is being sponsored by The City of Belen, as is the Friday night Pilot & Sponsor Reception.   The propane manifold is back -no more waiting in long lines to refuel.  This year some of the other organizations have graciously opted to cancel their normally scheduled Saturday events so that VFRS has full use of Eagle Park.  There will be ample space for tail-gating after the morning flights and fast refueling at the manifold.   We’re working on having the student winners of the Belen National Anthem singing contest sing the anthem for us on Saturday morning.  The Skydive New Mexico diving club will be providing divers to entertain the crowds on the field after the mass ascension has departed.   The City is arranging for school buses to transport people back and forth between the High School and the downtown Film Fest area, where a stage will be set up with continuous entertainment between Noon and 8 pm.

Please enjoy some hot coffee or cocoa and a donut purchased from the Business Women of Valencia County’s booth at the launch site to help them support local charities:  BWVC on Facebook

Be sure to sure to catch the Valencia County Mansion Players’ performances of “Roy Rogers meets the Roswell Aliens” Old Tyme Radio Show on the downtown stage:  Noon and 3 pm.

The Friday night Pilot & Sponsor Reception will be including a raffle of donated items to support our chosen charity this year:  The Belen Food Pantry.  Food Pantries deliver food directly to the needy in comparison to a Food Bank which supplies pantries.  If you can manage something to donate to the raffle please bring those items to the Friday Night party.   And if you can, please bring canned goods to the check-in patio at the launch site on Saturday morning.  We’d love to give a mountain of food to the pantry along with the raffle proceeds!

The invitations are out – please remember to send in yours with your check to:  VFRS,  P.O. Box 1002, Peralta NM, 87041    Do it soon because we’re close to full capacity!

Check out the City of Belen’s Event Web Site:  for a sneak peek of what’s in store !

DIRECTIONS TO EAGLE PARK (most of our events are held here)  !!! New Directions for Pilots & Crew !!!

Take I-25 to Exit 191, Camino Del Llano

(ignore the sign to Eagle park just as you leave the freeway, that’s the public entrance)

Go East on Camino Del Llano, under the freeway, pass by the northbound I-25 on ramp and

Turn Left (North) on CHRISTOPHER ROAD  

Follow Christopher road approx 1/2 mile to the West Entrance of Eagle Park. (will be partially gravel)

Please observe posted speed limits and go easy over the speed bumps and show your entry pass to the Belen Police Officer at the gate.

Balloon vehicles may park on the grassy areas; crews  must park in the dirt lots to the North and South of the grass.  Spectators are being directed to the Belen High School parking lot off Mesa Road & Delgado.  For 2014 we have use of the entire park.  All other community events have been canceled to accommodate us.   The City has asked us to be good citizens regarding our tail gating celebrations and trash disposal.  Details will be included in your Pilot Invitation packages and discussed at the mandatory Saturday morning briefing.

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